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Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

My friend David and I agreed on a writing challenge last week. We have a prompt and we have to come up with something. For this challenge, the prompt is “His feet were… Continue reading


Sunset was precisely at 8:43. The northern wind blew through the balcony doors. I hugged my nightgown tighter around my bosom. My arms intertwined at the back as I grabbed through the laces… Continue reading

Seems Like Old Times

You’ve barely touched your tea. Earl gray, black with one and a half teaspoon sugar. You know I could make that drink in my sleep, or even when I’m drunk. One teabag, sugar… Continue reading

The Fool

Helpless, his naked body lay before me. His hands were firmly cuffed to the bed’s railing, a bandanna served as a blindfold and his brief as a gag. For that moment, it flashed… Continue reading