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The Tarot Writing Challenge: A Post-Script

78 days. 78 fucking days. And it’s over — the Tarot Writing Challenge is OVER. I am not a tarot reader by profession. I dabble, sure, every now and then, during parties and… Continue reading

The Fool

Helpless, his naked body lay before me. His hands were firmly cuffed to the bed’s railing, a bandanna served as a blindfold and his brief as a gag. For that moment, it flashed… Continue reading

A Pragmatic Man

He knew no cause. 12 midnight, we parked at a dark alley. Big-bellied men with tattooed arms and skinny topless punks eyed each, circling. First thing I asked him — “Are the doors… Continue reading

A Dance

her swollen lips purple from the strike that lasted days upon days and then crashed; collapsed, heady and bold she did. no reinforcements; no warrior angels; no goddamn swooping army. bent and cracked,… Continue reading

The Magician

We didn’t know each other that well, Jerick and I. Some could call us passing acquaintances — I resent that. I know of him and, I believe, he knows of me. No one… Continue reading


Milk tea is so good. So sweet, I love how it flows down my throat. Everyday, after my sociology class, my boyfriend picks me up in his Honda Civic, and we drive all… Continue reading

Sparkling Rod

Transmutation – Through whispy air, transform. That one second when the the air feels good as it dampens your cheeks. Exact that ecstacy of the leaves rustling, one leaf blown away, landing gently… Continue reading


It is beyond judgment as I sit in contempt of what I see. The critical rules out the creative; pencil stabbing at the small notebook. It is beyond judgment, sunglasses perched on my… Continue reading

The Devil

El Diablo. Pious men glide across the hollow floors. Brick-bracks of the padded sandals echo through the high ceilings. They pause momentarily, facing a painting. A painting of a saint, they are not… Continue reading

Lotus Position

His ears were scratchy but he dared not scratch. The lotus position had to be maintained, strong, sturdy, back straight. The drone of the one external voice continued to progress, more tolerable, although… Continue reading