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Four Hours of Sleep

The alarm was to ring at 8; he was up by 6. He tried to sleep, he couldn’t. Sleep is funny that way. He had to sleep because it would be hours before… Continue reading

Wheel of Fortune

It was the final round of the game. For more than twenty years, no contestant has ever reached this far. For the quick second that the announcer called the advancing of the contestant,… Continue reading


An expanse of clouded gray surrounding my brain. On the screen, I can pinpoint your name beside a 1cmx1cm box of a picture of you lying down. I clear the mist and hover… Continue reading


Sweaty, meaty, raw. Their bodies glisten in the limelight and the crowd jumps from their seats to yell. I stand nearby, wondering if I could leave by 10 – or if this’d drag… Continue reading

The Emperor

The director’s chair was where he wanted to be. Sadly, it did not want him there. No one wanted him there. But if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s being persistent. He’d… Continue reading

2 Squares or 1?

At the start of every war, a pawn has a decision. Two squares or one? Two squares to fly to, to ride a fast-laned locomotive, skipping brooks and streams or one square: Forward,… Continue reading

What will be

She was deadly afraid of sharks but she jumped. There were no sharks there, of course, but fear can make anyone irrational – like how she quit her job at the school paper… Continue reading

The Moon

Soft. Her heels clicked behind me. Soft. The baying of a chained dog. Soft. The rumbling through her purse for lipstick, to make her kisses vivid. Soft. The smoke of grilled barbeque and… Continue reading


First contact: our arms extend towards each other, lengthening the elbows, the forearms, eventually fingertip would touch fingertip. My kness were buckling a second ago, now they stay still – connected to my… Continue reading

The Prom Queen

She was with her friends. Their whole gang of ditzy girls, clenching each other’s hands. They didn’t talk, not really, sure sometimes an intelligible sound would come from one of them. She was… Continue reading