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Some Enchanted Evening

Setting: The men’s washroom at a decent three-star hotel. The washroom itself is clean, spacious, and classy, but — and this is a must — one of the mirrors has to be cracked.… Continue reading

Disney Princes from Least Gay to Gayest

Magic mirror on the wall Who is the cattiest one of them all? As a follow-up to a previous post, Disney Princesses from Least Slutty to Sluttiest, I thought it just fair to… Continue reading

Good Morning

You notice him yawn and, when you look around, everyone else is gone, save for the lone bartender glaring at you, pointing at a “Last Call” sign. You laugh and tell him the… Continue reading

How to Write About Being Gay in the Philippines

As a full-time, minimum wage worker, I tend to snap at any writing opportunities that come my way. Especially if it’s a paying opportunity. A few days ago I chanced upon the fanpage… Continue reading

Girl, 10 Signs Your Guy’s Sleeping with Another Guy

*written due to the popularity of kabit themes* Honey, we know we’re your best friends. When you’re stressed, you relax with us. When you’re problematic, we try to solve your problems. When you’re not that… Continue reading

Biomechanics (Revised)

Revisions of a previous poem (Biomechanics) submitted for poetry class. Apologies — I know it’s a wall of text but there is a reason it has to be that way. Comments would be… Continue reading