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Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)

at the cross, I stub my toe — piercing blood trickles down to the open mouths of rocks — and grimaced limps — bottom teeth grounding against the pounding molars — you squat… Continue reading

Long Ago (and Far Away)

You danced with that awkward, chubby boy, one night, when he moped at the corner at prom. He drank punch, his date had flew off to the crowned king. But you slid in,… Continue reading

Knee Deep and I’m Sinking into You

Wading through this stream of sweat and piss — the current swelling, that song of darkened frogs — broaching my mind, one by one things fall my wallet falls first, then my plastic… Continue reading

The World

I Shall we cower in a bunker? Shall we read piles of books? Make amends with our parents? Or splurge on a Prius? Shall we hike through Zimbabwe? Shall we see all our friends?… Continue reading