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Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

I promised her I’d bring home the purple curtains on my way home. When I got home, she greeted me with a soft kiss on my cheek. She’d been curled up sick the… Continue reading

Explaining “Kilig” to a Non-Filipino

I experienced difficult earlier today trying to explain to my new friends how I was feeling. Kilig is just one of the more beautiful borderline untranslatable Filipino words that it may be better to show… Continue reading

The Way You Look Tonight

To this day, I still wonder if he was lying, or if he was just being nice, or being spiteful, or dense, or really just plain wonderful, or if for some strange reason… Continue reading

Wind Beneath My Wings

To someone who didn’t know her, Melissa would seem to be asleep, curled up in a little ball, Mr. Bungley dangling by her arm. The size of the armchair she was in, it… Continue reading

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

I sealed my heart in a bottle and watched the beating waves of the Atlantic bear it across: Six years later, I remain vigilant by the shores, never batting an eyelid or resting… Continue reading

Shall We Dance?

Wise man says: In thunderstorm, mighty oak falls deafly on the ground while bending reeds defy the roars. Amidst rain, lilies are fed one last meal before they sing goodbye. “Shall we dance?”… Continue reading

It Had To Be You

through the girth of the earth, I swam and skidooed, just to end up with you: taverns leapt and mountains crushed, steady and yearning, to search and not to seek: the answer was… Continue reading

Summer Nights

Seventeenth of June when I first laid eyes on him. It was a warm day, 28 degrees I remember the thermostat read as I left.  Yeah, I met this chick last summer. I… Continue reading

Isn’t It Romantic?

Fresh onion soup, mother’s recipe, builds to boil, ladled the soup unto two bowls, served with drug- store croutons and hand-shredded cheese; we watch the game, slapping the knees when a hit is… Continue reading

Up Where We Belong

No one believes me when I tell them of the day I started to levitate; rising four Feet, a gentle ascent, before soaring; they asked how much I had to drink or If… Continue reading