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Top 10 Gay Songs That Aren’t Gay

The concept of a “gay anthem” has normally disregarded its intended gender. As such, some songs that are¬†explicitly¬†gay, while they could be good, tend not to make for the best anthems. Through cultural… Continue reading

Jailhouse Rock

The sharp broken scar on his face betrayed the soul of an artist. Indeed, it has been several sentences when he last heard that called him. He hadn’t been that popular, his name… Continue reading

Put the Blame on Mame

Barely puberty, when she heard the word “Slut.” She was unsure of what it meant; she heard daddy call mommy that, and mommy call Aunt Marga that. Aunt Marga never visited afterwards. She… Continue reading

Come What May

The plastic cup fell to the floor as my hand limped to the side of the bed. Sanitized water spilled across the white tiles, first just under the bedside table, then seeping through… Continue reading

(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life

Sway, my love, hips buckling, the mambo pushes your legs up, to my hand. The drums pound to the foot’s prance, and a shoulder’s wave sparks the width of the floor. Arms hip-… Continue reading

Old Time Rock and Roll

No one check’d if it was plugged. 5 minutes on stage, we looks like fools. Pietro, he was ’em sound engineer or some’in, he was chuggin’ some ol’ fashion brew bef’re curtain. Burp,… Continue reading

A Valentine’s Video

I recently acted for a Broadcast Communication major friend of mine. It’s for her major class about making music videos or something. The song is ‘LOVE MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS’ by Nina. Hope… Continue reading