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There are bees in the balcony. They flutter around, attracted by light. They may also be drawn by dirty rooms or a couple cuddling while snoring inside. They cannot enter though — no… Continue reading

The Sun

The heat is up. It is an undying walk home. That treacherous journey from a to b. That pilgrimage that never ends, not even at its end. The rays strike me, sweat pours… Continue reading

Mind of Medea

Princess Medea was flown in from afar Miles away from her home in a golden chariot She practiced her craft under eye of Hecate In between passionate love with the prince Jason Until… Continue reading

it’s WAR/bitch

Have you not sat in front of us last night And saw how we held hands in queer domain? You did it hence and I had then foretold What slut are you and… Continue reading

The Morning After

I drink pineapple juice to detoxify myself. 100% del monte, fiber-enriched. I stare at the mess of last night, postponing the clean-up. That’s always what sucks about a party, innit? Grabbing the broom,… Continue reading

Happy Birthday

Now you are As I was before When I met You were wide- Eyed and innocent Then three years Ago now You are stronger for Then you were A child now You are Still but when I see You… Continue reading

Her Name

“The heart wants what the heart wants. Even that which is worst for it.” “Yes, Hippolyta, we Amazons are warriors. But we are women, too.” – Wonder Woman (2009)     Her name,… Continue reading