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Balloons (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #02)

Child, let go the yarn that tugs you sky-ward; and gone, it’s gone, eager to play with the clouded angels. Pudgy balloons belong to the wind; but litte children are birthed of the earth

Embers Crackling on the Spring Bonfire ’89 (NaPoWriMo 2015 #01)

like fire-eaters and philosophers

who — for want of weed or sea —

ponder the secrets of the dying

embers crackling on the spring bonfire.

Balikbayan sa NAIA

Ika’y Babalikbayan: Yakap ang maletang dinugong pasalubong na puting Adidas, sa usok ng NAIA pitong taon nang huling binuksan mo ang mundo, umaalangan ang ‘yong kamay sa salamin ng pinto. Natalikuran mo na… Continue reading


Haiku Lang ‘Sa, dal’wa’t, tatlo: Linya ng mga gago, ‘Wari’y mabigat Hay, Ulan Naiwang payong, S’mama sa estranghero: Napakalandi. Hi Ko Lang Binabang sal’min, Kamot sa kanyang bewang: Dedmang pagbati. Hay, Ako Lang… Continue reading

By the twin dogs of harbour park

By the twin dogs of harbour park, first dates begin, sweat beads greeting under meticulously gelled hair, stretched across the shaded bench, watching yachts glide across the still Atlantic. Strangers breathing the summer breeze lounge around… Continue reading

Moon River

both feet stepping on the sharp wet rocks — and six-inch stilletoes tied against the neck — wading the length of the dragon river — mascara pouring down the face to mix with… Continue reading

When You Wish Upon a Star

Thou that illuminates the Eastern sky; celestial gas, queen of the deep night, thou that shines off lampposts and candlelights and cigarettes, twinkle, trinkle, tinkle star: thou that the astronomers fantasize; that the… Continue reading

Stayin’ Alive

It was peculiar; that pouncing beat that pounds the head against the drying pillars, all reflections were the mismatched pills taken quietly whenever the DJ pauses — music, magic, and ecstacy living amidst… Continue reading

The Sound of Music

Close and think: favorite smell is grass right after dawn, the sunlight tinting the night’s dew: frolick and lie down, jump if you can; running the body across the sharp — yet safe… Continue reading

Newfoundland: A Newcomer’s Perspective || Spoken Word

A Canada Day tribute to my adopted home:     Related articles Nine Days of Newfoundland – Day 5 (nomaddness.wordpress.com) Have a drink, kiss a fish: Just another Saturday night, Newfoundland-style (bangordailynews.com) As… Continue reading