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Sweet Night Lullaby (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #26)

drop the tired fingertips, one, two, drop, and hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head; inhale, in and out, let the kneels fall by the estuary; rock one, rock two, the voyage is the now,… Continue reading

Fluster (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #25)

Today I am flustered and so I must dive toe-down into dust and shatter the glass into a whole. No exit but a spiral. A spiral of the soul into gravity. With an axe on a pendulum swinging… Continue reading

Holy Carrots (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #24)

Salads’re holy food: Even carrots posses souls Divine digestion


Crushed petals testify by the terminal The onslaught of yellow-striped cabs

Circe in the Night (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #22)

She brought me port; like that of her smell, tilting temptress of tequila, bitter refuge of the lost. One drink to forget, one to remember, and one witch – o helenistic goddess –… Continue reading

An Idiot at Poetry (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #21)

When I die, my epitaph will not read an obscure line from Shelley or a haiku transcribed in syllabicated verse; No — fancy rhythm or rhyme is for no poor man, and my life… Continue reading

Flickering (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #20)

In candle-bursted blindness, I see but silhouettes of men, their slithering shadows bouncing against a beige canopy, creeping extremities grasping and clenching and scratching as the seeping shades of bleak starlessness unpunctuated by the… Continue reading

Lifeless Sentinel (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #19)

lifeless sentinel crushed by the flailing tides refuse to falter until the waves chip off its cemented body to swim with the ocean

Does Coyote (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #18)

Even coyotes pining against cactuses howl: howl against the moon’s pained arrows; against the moon’s silver smirk; against the sweet desert breeze; in poetic wrath I roam the canyons, lone coyote and sand… Continue reading

Green (NAPOWRIMO 2015 #17)

A leaf blows home Swafting in torrents of auburn drafts Pierced through the torns