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Four Hours of Sleep

The alarm was to ring at 8; he was up by 6. He tried to sleep, he couldn’t. Sleep is funny that way. He had to sleep because it would be hours before… Continue reading


An expanse of clouded gray surrounding my brain. On the screen, I can pinpoint your name beside a 1cmx1cm box of a picture of you lying down. I clear the mist and hover… Continue reading


He was smoking in front of me. Two tables over, I was shuffling a stack of papers. It took a flick of his hand and the ashes  flew through the breeze. I brushed… Continue reading

2 Squares or 1?

At the start of every war, a pawn has a decision. Two squares or one? Two squares to fly to, to ride a fast-laned locomotive, skipping brooks and streams or one square: Forward,… Continue reading


First contact: our arms extend towards each other, lengthening the elbows, the forearms, eventually fingertip would touch fingertip. My kness were buckling a second ago, now they stay still – connected to my… Continue reading

your underwear

J–, you left your underwear again. I’m wondering if I should start a collection of your multi-colored underpants, a crayola box of pastels and earth tones and greyscale briefs. Why do you still wear… Continue reading

The Morning After

I drink pineapple juice to detoxify myself. 100% del monte, fiber-enriched. I stare at the mess of last night, postponing the clean-up. That’s always what sucks about a party, innit? Grabbing the broom,… Continue reading