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Our Lord and Saviour President Dudirty || Spoken Word

As it was in the beginning
Is worse than it ever will be

Theatre Major || Spoken Word

Theatre 131 (Beginning Acting)
– Theatre tells the student he is ugly. Theatre tells the student his face looks like his feet. Theatre tells the student he is too fat. Theatre tells the student he has no future in the industry. Theatre tells the student to quit. The student says fuck you.

Asia || Spoken Word

“Asia” Written/Performed: Riley Palanca Throw Poetry Collective August Slam, 3rd Place  

Here’s To The Creeps || Spoken Word

“Here’s to the Creeps” Written/Performed by Riley Palanca Yellow Door Hootenanny 2-Sep-2016

Salbahe || Spoken Word

Para sa init at para sa inot
Para sa kati at para sa limot
Para sa pagkawan at para sa pagkaltas
Para sa pagdelubyo at para sa pagligtas

Sonnet 18 in 14 Styles || Spoken Word

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 (Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day) is arguably one of the best known poems in the English language. And Shakespeare as a writer has a very unique style.… Continue reading

Greatest Hits || Spoken Word

Greatest Hits is a poem in the form of a cento. A cento is a type of poems (typically with 100 lines) where every line is borrowed from a different poem. In this… Continue reading

20 Things I Want to Say (Spoken Word)

This was a performance for “Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids” on 23 July 2014. I wrote this particular piece a few years back. PS: The stage adds 30 pounds. The camera… Continue reading

Can I? (Spoken Word)

Next week, I’m conquering my fear of performing poetry live by going to an open mic poetry slam. This is my piece, thus far. It is not yet as polished as I want… Continue reading

Newfoundland: A Newcomer’s Perspective || Spoken Word

A Canada Day tribute to my adopted home:     Related articles Nine Days of Newfoundland – Day 5 (nomaddness.wordpress.com) Have a drink, kiss a fish: Just another Saturday night, Newfoundland-style (bangordailynews.com) As… Continue reading