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Mrs. Robinson

“Mrs. Robinson, language, please,” the doctor said. Mrs. Robinson put down her teacup, quite agitated that her sharing of her latest adventures had been cut short. “Why, pardon me, kind sir. I was… Continue reading

The Way You Look Tonight

To this day, I still wonder if he was lying, or if he was just being nice, or being spiteful, or dense, or really just plain wonderful, or if for some strange reason… Continue reading

Sparkling Rod

Transmutation – Through whispy air, transform. That one second when the the air feels good as it dampens your cheeks. Exact that ecstacy of the leaves rustling, one leaf blown away, landing gently… Continue reading


An expanse of clouded gray surrounding my brain. On the screen, I can pinpoint your name beside a 1cmx1cm box of a picture of you lying down. I clear the mist and hover… Continue reading


He was smoking in front of me. Two tables over, I was shuffling a stack of papers. It took a flick of his hand and the ashes ¬†flew through the breeze. I brushed… Continue reading