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A bedroom. Simon is smoking by a window. He is in his underwear. The door to the bathroom opens and Jared comes out, a towel wrapped around his waist. His hair is still… Continue reading

Happy…If Only For Now

I. You sleep so soft beside me My hand caressing your hair I whisper forever, I’m your key To the fated dawn of a new destiny I’ll comfort you, be your bed And… Continue reading

Trust in Tests

six am, walking across the crusty streets where early morning drunkards yell: cat-calling or provoking fights? gripping a litre of beer by its neck, home in five minutes where he is waiting for… Continue reading

The Tower

entombed in a yes that grew from nights before i hold you as you read me and force myself to tote the quiet lines of my gut in a tiny strip of yellow… Continue reading

An Empowered (wo)Man

The zooming lights of hurried tricycles zoom below me. I grasp the railings of the balcony, steadying myself. The cold air chafes me and I curl my scarf tighter across my neck. A… Continue reading

Empty Ashtrays

I miss smoking with you, the rough exhales of Marlboro Black exhaling through your mouth into mine. I miss grabbing your arms and lowering my mouth to your skin, from the slight tease… Continue reading

The Fool

Helpless, his naked body lay before me. His hands were firmly cuffed to the bed’s railing, a bandanna served as a blindfold and his brief as a gag. For that moment, it flashed… Continue reading

A Pragmatic Man

He knew no cause. 12 midnight, we parked at a dark alley. Big-bellied men with tattooed arms and skinny topless punks eyed each, circling. First thing I asked him — “Are the doors… Continue reading

A Dance

her swollen lips purple from the strike that lasted days upon days and then crashed; collapsed, heady and bold she did. no reinforcements; no warrior angels; no goddamn swooping army. bent and cracked,… Continue reading


One, the monitor beeped then flat; this was after he regurgitated purple blood over her white dress. Two, the ride home eight hours in a car with her son’s cadaver. the bumpy roads… Continue reading