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Project: NEW

It is a blank page that predates a blank stage. It is the tapping of keys to violate the blankness with the dark strikes of ink. It is the good-bye that moves forward,… Continue reading

Lotus Position

His ears were scratchy but he dared not scratch. The lotus position had to be maintained, strong, sturdy, back straight. The drone of the one external voice continued to progress, more tolerable, although… Continue reading

Curtain Call

Focus on the center, shining White and blue gelled frontal Lights. Arms level, angled Up, offering to the dark Room a pie of oneself. Legs crossing behind And knees bending To meet the… Continue reading

Months to go

Months to go and it’s starting to show And it will never be over again until It starts itself; its longest years within The vas, eternal pull. Against the walls Of a protected… Continue reading

The Hermit

A swallowing cave mounted with spiky teeth and a gluttonous bowel Reverberating echoes mooning and grazing by the entrance’s tips Polar tips that range from east and northeast to southern west And flock… Continue reading

Charge Through the Rain

Charge through the rain and link the stars And pine a flower’s master iowe Gruntle forth, scarves askew Flapping tailends, biting thread Chop through the waters and break Into yards. A gold rod,… Continue reading

Four Hours of Sleep

The alarm was to ring at 8; he was up by 6. He tried to sleep, he couldn’t. Sleep is funny that way. He had to sleep because it would be hours before… Continue reading

Rich Woman, Posing

Rich woman, posing For the painting, smile – It is not a crime, nor a treachery To your race. Wonder At your taut cheeks Clenching a pursed lip Structure. Rich woman, Even Mona… Continue reading


A rubied hand extended and time inches; It is an ever flipping dime, a 50-50 of a wigged head of an old man and the blunt tail of an animal, inscribed. It floats… Continue reading

Wheel of Fortune

It was the final round of the game. For more than twenty years, no contestant has ever reached this far. For the quick second that the announcer called the advancing of the contestant,… Continue reading