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Folded in half and a thousand miles away My inexact, inaccurate, imperfect twin And as I try to make our houses close So he’d scuttle about to run away When christmas rolls, he’d… Continue reading


On my desk is a yellow dandelion, Picked from the crescent fields of the farm lands After the storm passed; It was wrapped in used newspapers That enumerated the relief experiences Of people… Continue reading

The Star

Arise to me, fairest of all to see, And borrow from the wishing brook my ear That balances floating o’er dusky spill And words to hear are n’er true ’til they show Belligerent… Continue reading

Sleep with a knife under your bed

Sleep with a knife under your bed, my dear You never know what comes in at night To take me away from the one I love Forever embittered upon that taverened cave. Sleep… Continue reading


An expanse of clouded gray surrounding my brain. On the screen, I can pinpoint your name beside a 1cmx1cm box of a picture of you lying down. I clear the mist and hover… Continue reading


Sweaty, meaty, raw. Their bodies glisten in the limelight and the crowd jumps from their seats to yell. I stand nearby, wondering if I could leave by 10 – or if this’d drag… Continue reading


He was smoking in front of me. Two tables over, I was shuffling a stack of papers. It took a flick of his hand and the ashes ¬†flew through the breeze. I brushed… Continue reading

Verses at the LRT

A race for a seat At the terminal station – All tired faces, some going home Others going away from home. A station passed and he entered In his faded purple Pants and… Continue reading

The Emperor

The director’s chair was where he wanted to be. Sadly, it did not want him there. No one wanted him there. But if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s being persistent. He’d… Continue reading

2 Squares or 1?

At the start of every war, a pawn has a decision. Two squares or one? Two squares to fly to, to ride a fast-laned locomotive, skipping brooks and streams or one square: Forward,… Continue reading