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Garden Hoe

A half-naked man – the bottom half of his body enclosed in a mountain of earth – breathing on center stage. He is holding a pair of shears. A rich housewife, perfectly dressed… Continue reading

Two People Singing Lonely On February 13

All roads lead to Babylon And all signs point to it Though she snuggled into me Her embraces were wont to last Hers was a face sculpted from dust And all signs point… Continue reading


First touch, zero, our thumbs Bump. I feel like a five-year-old Child being led across the road By his dittering maid. I unlace My digits, properly Putting them in their right Ridges. That’s what… Continue reading

The High Priestess

To the Girl Who First Broke My Heart I offered you a soda when I was in third grade. (You were in fourth, what a cougar. ) I giggled when you gave me… Continue reading


Sharp Rough-edged rulers desolation and truth silent witnesses Sharp A man shot on the back Ten times, one more than the next Sharp! ugliness grinning in a puddle of purple blood Sharp! Reset!… Continue reading

To the Beautiful Boy who Sat in Front of Me

A captured moment: Your white shirt, faded blue Jeans and black sneaks, Folded inside and a colorful Bag slung over one shoulder As I text (or rather Pretend to; really, does the shutter… Continue reading

The Lovers

A man and a woman on opposite sides of the stage. They are NOT talking to each other. MAN …And then I said, fuck this shit! WOMAN Such an jerk, he stormed out… Continue reading

The Understudy, the Night the Star called Ill

Scribbling away The notes of the director (Who is sweating Harder than I am) The spotlight Beckoning to me, My mind Half-numb The shaky markings of my pencil Stage manager calls places And… Continue reading

The Verdict

Simon loves a good steak. Not just the variety one can chance upon at a the fly-by-night restaurants. He likes his steak rare. A few hours ago, he had just given his verdict… Continue reading

Muscle Addiction

Kai arrives at Fitness First, SM North EDSA, at exactly 3:15 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Ever since I’ve known him, he’s never broken that schedule. Often, he would be coming from his… Continue reading