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High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darlin’)

Six yards away, his hand poised by his holster, the sheriff tipped his hat ever so slightly downwards. “Yer late.” The bandit snarled, arms crossed across his chest. “Eng’neer stopped somewhere Midwest for… Continue reading

The Trolley Song

Boom, boom, boom went the track wheels As we trekked all the way West Honey, my bunny, leaning my lovey on the rail ‘Til the moment that his face spun my way Chitter,… Continue reading

Unchained Melody

He caressed my knee, his thumb rubbing smoothly on my pale skin. I leaned my head back into his, smelling the musk on his hair. Hand to his hand, I traced his protruding… Continue reading

Some Enchanted Evening

Setting: The men’s washroom at a decent three-star hotel. The washroom itself is clean, spacious, and classy, but — and this is a must — one of the mirrors has to be cracked.… Continue reading

Born to be Wild

against steel highways crossing over prairie land and unto the bleak western sunlight i rear the skull-topped bike o Bessy and rev up pumping to 80 before pushing on the rusted throttle dreadlocks… Continue reading

Explaining “Basted” to a Non-Filipino

I’m quite aware that basted is derived from the English busted but the original word just does not capture the essence of the Filipino one. And, yes, dumped is different. Here are a few reasons why basted is a great… Continue reading

Stormy Weather

A gray shawl hugging my body: Click. The tight-knitted crowd of interlocked hands and legs and feet and heads and sweet promises of nothing and dear darlings and discarded flowers under a child’s… Continue reading

Theme from New York, New York

Rolled up the last pair of stockings and ballet shoes tucked snugly, hair bunned up, as mother stands by the door. She hugs and whispers best of luck — now, trekking down the… Continue reading

I Got Rhythm

I got my two feet: Dancing to the waves Pulping energy. And let the stores creak Under the bastions As we tap through them. Help the colors bloom Go smile and ask them… Continue reading


The book does not end on its close; on its final period on its final page: the book rolls over its spine unto its cover and rewrites; mixing the hard font of the… Continue reading